Cat Saunders Coaching is about helping and inspiring you to create and live your life of possibility.

Hey there,
I believe there is so much more to the structure of our lives, especially when we understand and learn more about emotional intelligence and the power of understanding how we operate beyond our own “auto- pilot”.
For almost 20 years I have worked training dogs and teaching applied behaviour.

The natural evolution of this lead me to study human applied psychology and applying my Master NLP training to all aspects of my life, practices and business.  I believe that the depths of our relationships are measurable by the depth of compassion and love we have with ourselves.

In the dog industry, I have created the systems that embrace’s what I refer to as an organic and holistic approach, that I call K9 Linguistics where in order to have and build the best relationship with your dog and the dogs you work with, means one must first dive into the truth of the belief systems behind the behaviour, starting with self.

I believe that if as a dog trainer and dog owner if you expect an animal to change their behaviour, to fully understand and appreciate their individual experience, we must too experience growth and change.  This is what enables us to have compassion for a dog undergoing training and behavioural modification with a genuine approach whilst holding space whilst they transform and shift from undesirable behaviours into the best dog they can become. It all starts with the flexibilty in our learning

This is just the beginning…..

Cat X

Step into YOU

“The truth is inside of you! This is why I say, it’s time to step into your truth. If you have the neuro pathways to think it, you have the neuro pathways to create it.  It’s a matter of aligning what you want with who you are. The journey of alignment and what you desire starts the moments you choose to start it.”

Start Living Your New Life TODAY.

Cat Saunders has worked in the behavioural arena since 2004. Her real passion came to the front when she could see that “Its the experiences in life that enables us to learn and it’s our prior learning that creates our internal dialogue. It is this, your internal dialogue that lays the path for your future thoughts, decisions and action you take in life. Awareness is being open and aware of when your internal dialogue is blocking and or overwhelming your opportunity to learn and grow.”

Cat knew that if you could “Empower yourself with the knowledge, learn and become a source of positive information which others can learn and be inspired to be more and help others” which lead her to NLP

This is when Cat found her purpose, where she can align her love of behaviour, mindset and people all in one.

She has worked with 1000’s of people around the world in behaviour, helping people with their mindset, businesses (including their dogs behaviour). Cat also helps people in the Coaching industry and people with a variety of personal problems – from depression, to phobias to quit smoking to weight loss. If it’s a behaviour she can work with it.

Her passion is to see people transform and find their freedom and truth of their possibility!

It’s time to UNLEASH, Step into Your Truth and into Your Life.

Have you ever wondered what life could be like if you something was different? If you had a loving relationship if you had a better job? The list goes on.

What if you could remove what is holding you back from achieving your possibility, the success, and the things you know you ‘want’?

DO YOU want to Start to Live YOUR Life to it’s fullest potential LIFE?

Are you stuck in life? Are you unsure of the direction you are heading? Do you hold yourself back from living your true potential?

If you would like to change your life with worlds most successful tools for creating immediate lasting change and learn the most powerful tools to influence, lead, communication and transform your life, then a Breakthrough with Cat is for you.

Stop talking, START living

We all have emotions and a brain, yet we are never taught how much our emotions affect us in every aspect of our lives.

Cat says “We learn algebra in school, yet I don’t know many people that use it. We all have emotions yet I don’t know why this isn’t a part of the standard education system”.

It is important to know that 95% of your behaviours are controlled by your Unconscious Mind, and only 5% by your Conscious Mind. The tricky thing is 95% is in your Unconscious, so imagine what is possible when you can access this part of your mind!

There are three essentials to transforming your life:

    1. See things as they are – The truth, how they really are!

2. See the possibility and design a the compelling future you want – something that makes your heart sing!

3. Design it the way you want it – Hire a Coach to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

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